The Marla Shirt - rosemorenomx
The Marla Shirt - rosemorenomx
The Marla Shirt - rosemorenomx
The Marla Shirt - rosemorenomx
The Marla Shirt - rosemorenomx

The Marla Shirt

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Sophisticated and versatile A-line tie-neck shirt, made in a textured and undyed organic cotton fabric with a mismatched navy blue fine-stripe. The body is panelled and seams are hand-joined by artisan embroiderers. The Marla shirt be easily styled with its tie knotted in a bow or worn losely open, with jeans or trousers, and dress up or down with sandals, boots or trainers.


A-line, hip-length, very slightly drop shoulder * Please note that the all sizes except for the S/M Petite pictured are hip-bone length.  All models wear size S/M Petite.
Refer to sizing charts.
Please email for fit advise


Hand Made     Pedal Loom

Technique:  handwoven on the pedal loom.
Artisan/s: Angelina Vázquez & Marco Chiguil, Kinal Antsetik, San Cristóbal, Chiapas.
Cut, sew & embroidery: Colectivo de Innovación, San Cristóbal, Chiapas.

Total handcraft time:  approximately 24.5 hours.



Organic Cotton    OEKO-TEX

Yarn: 100% Cotton = 95% undyed organic cotton + 5% industrial cotton, Oeko-Tex certified (from Hilos Omega), origin– Mexico

Buttons: Natural undyed corozo buttons.


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