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Rose Moreno is a values-driven project and one that respects process in all its humanity and nature–  for us, values and process truly go hand-in-hand.  We will never choose profit over the wellbeing of our collaborators, the planet or our customers– for real, no marketing ploys or greenwashing here!

Our core guiding principles in a nutshell:


We wholeheartedly believe that fashion can no longer be produced without sustainability at the forefront.  Rose Moreno makes every decision consciously to best protect our environment, we only use sustainable natural materials and our processes are 100% handmade, meaning that they are intrinsically eco-friendly.  Please see our section 'We Love Process' for further information.  Our packaging is also plastic-free and the majority of the elements are made from 100% recycled paper. 



We're proud of where we are now, but feel it is very important to have our sight firmly on the bigger picture.  We'd love to share our aspirations for Rose Moreno with you, as every purchase will help us to get one step closer–

  • Increase our garment size range to be inclusive of a real female demographic.
  • Commission zero-waste art projects from our scraps.
  • Establish our own online shop and a curated platform for the artisan’s own creations, helping them reach new markets directly.
  • Improve artisan pay (increasing their share of the profits!)
  • Seek consultancy from NGOs and experts on social impact implementation.
  • Further explore Mexico’s textile landscape and expand our artisan community.
Get involved– feel free to email us at to give us any tips or pointers!