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Here I (Jessica) am going to document and write about the background, origins, whys, wheres, values, inspirations, developments, meetings, processes, trials, tribulations and successes in the setting up of our slow fashion brand Rose Moreno.  As well as share about amazing creatives in Mexico and beyond, travel and culture guides, Mexican traditions, recipes and anything else fascinating that aligns with our brand's outlook.

Here I can satisfy my writer-self, and hopefully keep you engaged in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of Rose Moreno. I would like this blog to be inclusive and interactive, to open-up debates with you via these posts, that can challenge me as a designer/brand founder and the team, keeping us grounded and helping shape the future of the brand.

Just recently I had an e-mail exchange with Ana Paula Fuentes, an expert and consultant of indigenous Mexican textiles, about the importance of supporting and strengthening the family-unit, that being the inter-gender balance in the weaving communities, as well as female-empowerment which seems to be more spoken about in the ethical fashion arena (...I will go more in a later post).

I have had other thought-provoking conversations in the past and recently with so many topics in the fashion world being opened up to scrutiny, especially since the start of the Covid pandemic and the increased anger and vocalness surrounding race issues. We are debating issues of colonial power dynamics (see the incredible activism by Manpreet Kalra), the vast inequity of the industry, the lack of representation of racial diversity, and a rise in awareness regarding the climate crisis and our over-consumption, especially of textile and apparel, which is having a devastating impact on the environment. And whose responsibility is it? Companies or consumers?

All these conversations are already having an impact on the decisions we make and the direction this venture takes.

Ultimately, I want this to be a labour of love, fusing my Mexican half and love for Mexico’s indigenous arts that I grew up surrounded and inspired by, with my British half– its influences, my design education and professional experience.

Rose Moreno is, and will further become a brand that offers refined design and contemporary style in beautiful handcrafted textiles, made in Mexico. But, perhaps most importantly, is the intent behind the brand, and what will hopefully become its positive impact on the people and indigenous artisans involved in its creation. I hope that my customers will value, just as much as the aesthetic, the fact that every Rose Moreno piece will guarantee the maker’s dignity and livelihood, and have as little environmental impact as possible.

All I can do is try my very best, as well as my collaborators, and add to the increasing but much-more needed network of conscious-fashion makers and doers. So, please keep following and being a part of our collective journey… it is early days and still all in the making!

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